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About us
Manage your page through an online Assyrian Yellow Page website.

Keep your business or community online for easy access from any web-connected computer, smart phone or iPad.

Office numbers, cell numbers, email addresses, Business information - The number of people on your contact list and the ways to stay in touch are rapidly growing. Whether you're on the move, working from home, or in the office, All Assyrian businesses are keep to you. Easily find all of your Assyrian business partner so important contact information online with our Assyrian Yellow Page webite.

  • Accsess with Mobile
    Quickly get in touch with all of Assyrian, from any device with a browser.
  • Work from home
    Use your Assyrian Yellow Page website to find the contact when looking to the Assyrian YP website.
  • NO Account
    Your Address Book is included FREE in your Address Book
  • Do Addvertising with us
    If you want show up on our pages please contact us.


Get Help
  • Enroll
    No need One time registarion to have all your Assyrian in one place.
    Please click on Add and fill the form and submit. You will be in the list. It's Perfect. YES?
    If you have any question or need more information please contact us at info@maryssoftware.com
    We will contact you asap.
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  • Log in
    NO need to login. After you Add, you will have Pin code to update Your info. Please don't shear your Pin with any one.
    Everytime you have to make sure you Pin into the system when you want to update your business info.
    If you have any question or need more information please contact us at info@maryssoftware.com
    We will contact you after you add your business into the system.
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  • Log Out
  • No need to logout, because you don't need to login. It's good. YES?
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  • Forgot Pin
    If you have been added your business but you forgot your Pin.
    Clock on Forgot Pin in the search page where is your business show up.
    You will see the page with place you can right your email there and click on send.
    Your account information will send to your email.
    Please check your email and you will see an email from Assyrian Yellow Page.
    If you had issue with your account please send us email info@maryssoftware.com.
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  • Update your Business information
    Sometimes you need to change some information in your business.
    Please find your business from search page and then click on edit and change your info you need and pit your Pin and submit the form.
  • If you can't update your info please send us an email info@maryssoftware.com
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  • Search Assyrian Business
    To do any action in the system you have to find Assyrian fisrt, So click on search and write some word of the name, City and address and enter
    List will show up and all Assyrian will be in the list if you didn't find the Assyrian business you are looking for it, Pleae search again.
    In the list you will see the Assyrian and you can click on View to see the business profile.
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  • Contact Us
    If you have any question please send us an email by the click on contact us.
    Send us email: info@maryssoftware.com
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  • Prices
  • It's FREE
  • Call us today at 408-596-6622
    Email us at : info@maryssoftware.com to get more information.

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